Sunday 29 November 2009

Mirror hangings - DIY

I got beautiful curtains in teal with red applique work from Fab India. They have beautiful badla work on them as well and go great with the red wall in my room. I have been however a sucker for mirror work and badla because of the atmosphere they create with light. The Sunday project for the room is an easy one and looks great. The only problem is now I am not sure whether to hang these with the curtains of on the red wall.  : -)

Took some mirrors in various shapes

Mauli or red thread is what I found lying in the house - you can use gota or transparent plastic wires but I love the redness of the mauli and the Indian touch it gives (I am planning on a huge pop art poster of Bob Marley on the red wall so this would make an interesting contrast)

Now all you have to do it take some of this - measure according to the desired length and use some fabric glue (works wonders) on one mirror, paste it on one side and then take another mirror and glue it to the first one.

And the mirror hangings/curtains are ready :-)
It takes around 5 mins to make one (5ft), this is by far the most easiest DIY project ever !

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Flip flops again !

Flip flops I just finished making for someone.

Monday 7 September 2009

Bottle cap coasters

Hand painted bottle cap coasters embellished with rhinestones. I am very fascinated with bottle cap art and these were just a perfect start to use the art in a kitchy way.

These coasters hold all types of glass steady.

They can be customized to shape and colour

Hand painted chai and coffee coasters

Hand painted coasters - These can be customized to shape, colour and text. More in this range are coming soon... !

Sunday 5 July 2009

my chinese frames

Finally, I managed to work with the Ikea frames i bought from Dubai. Chinese symbols always fascinate me.. and they work best with colored frames.